I've seen it all and done it all. I keep my black book handy at all times and avoid anyone with fake hair. Black book's outta use, got me a fine chick named Kaya. Kale Morrow.

Everybody needs a little joie de vivre.: I'm in the mood for a pretzel. 







I’m diggin’ it, it’ll go with my black and red tux!

We’ll be a star couple, yeah? Considering you’re the movie’s main man.

The director and the starring actor, I think we’re more of a power couple.

Starpower couple. Hand me those heels?

Hooker heels, yes! Please!

You like these, don’t you? Haha. You could kill somebody with these heels, goodness.

Which is also pretty sexy, given the danger aspect~

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    Waffles. Eggs. Noodles. Mac and cheese.
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    The visuals are devastating.